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ASQ CMQ/OE Body of Knowledge (BOK) Year 2010 Edition

ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) Body of Knowledge (BOK) was revised in 2010. A total of 7 Modules covering from:-

I. Leadership (25 Questions)
II. Strategic Plan Development & Deployment [15 Questions]
III. Management Elements and Methods [32 Questions]
IV. Quality Management Tools [28 Questions]
V. Customer-Focused Organization [20 Questions]
VI. Supply Chain Management [15 Questions]
VII. Training & Development [15 Questions]

Examination divided into two parts as follows:-

a) Two constructed response (essay) questions in 45 mins. "CLOSE BOOK".
b) A total of 150 multiple choice questions last for 3 hours 15 mins certification examination. Examination is "OPEN BOOK" style or format. 

Click here for the link to complete and detail ASQ BOK. " ASQ Complete CMQ/OE BOK ".

Examination candidate will be evaluated and assessed based on this open book examination where the exam questions was structured and formatted based on different "Levels of Cognition" (from Bloom's Taxanomy - Revised, 2001).

Levels of Cognition based on Bloom’s Taxonomy – Revised (2001)
In addition to content specifics, the subtext for each topic in this BOK also indicates the intended complexity level of the test questions for that topic. These levels are from “Levels of Cognition” (from Bloom’s Taxonomy – Revised, 2001). They are in rank order - from least complex to most complex.

Recall or recognize terms, definitions, facts, ideas, materials, patterns, sequences, methods, principles, etc.

Read and understand descriptions, communications, reports, tables, diagrams, directions, regulations, etc.

Know when and how to use ideas, procedures, methods, formulas, principles, theories, etc.
Break down information into its constituent parts and recognize their relationship to one another and how they are organized; identify sublevel factors or salient data from a complex scenario.

Make judgments about the value of proposed ideas, solutions, etc., by comparing the proposal to specific criteria or standards.

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